Mission and Vision
Tycoon Global is committed to lowering the barriers for real estate investment, allowing more people to have the opportunity to participate in real estate investment, especially cross-border investment and revenue sharing. It also enables high quality property owners, developers, builders and operators in the industry to stand out and gain more profit. At the same time, a more reliable economic system is constructed through blockchain technology to increase the efficiency of value certification, exchange and transfer of real estate.
Market Overview
Dr. James Zhong CEO, PhD

From undergraduate to Ph.D., Dr. James Zhong studied computer information security for 10 years and published many papers on encryption algorithms. He also designed a management encryption algorithm for blockchain wallets. On the other hand, 10 years of business experience in Australia and years of experience in real estate development and investment have made him an outstanding overseas young entrepreneur of 2014 Global People.

Rex Wang COO

Rex Wang has extensive real estate investment and business experience, and he is also a successful real estate investor. During the five-year career, he helped hundreds of people planning to invest in Australia and achieved 100% customer satisfaction. Rex also has a good understanding of Australian real estate market and policy in Victoria.

Arthur Lee CPO

Arthur Lee has many years of experience in financial product design and has extensive investment experience in the real estate financial market. The real estate financial product model it designed has a much better fit in the Australian real estate market than similar products and has strong anti-risk capabilities.

Dr. Shaahin Madani Algorithm for Blockchain

Dr. Shaahin Madani has a high degree of talent in the field of distributed computing. He also completed a law degree from the University of Melbourne while completing his doctorate in computer science. After graduating, Dr. Madani has also been involved in patent litigation in a well-known Australian patent law firm and the real estate development work of Australian Property Investment Group. He is also an expert who can manage multi-disciplinary skills at the same time.

Patrick Tobin - Mushan Project Management Project Management for Large Scale Development

Patrick Tobin is a director of Mushan Project Management who has more than 20 years of experience in the development and management of large-scale projects. He has enormous range of project experience within Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. Over the last 12 years, Patrick has maintained a focus on representing developers in the delivery of projects from feasibility, planning approvals, sales and marketing strategy, finance procurement and design and construction procurement.

Allen Ding - Mushan Project Management Government-related Project Guidance and Advice

Allen Ding is one of the three founders of Mushan Group, who has a keen sense of policy intuition and investment. Allen worked for the Department of Treasury and Finance (Victoria) as a project manager for many years. He has successfully completed many government projects such as new police stations and state schools.

Effie Yuan - Mushan Architects Residential Building Design Guidance and Advice

Effie Yuan is a registered architect who in charge Director of Mushan Architects. She has vast experiences with projects types from commercial, retail, residential real estate, luxury houses and high density development. Her passion and experience in architecture is the foundation of the high design quality that Mushan values.

Abbie Lin - Mushan Project Management Residential Project Development Guidance and Advice

Abbie Lin is a director of Mushan Project Management with a background in construction management. Abbie brings the honed skills in budgeting, strategic planning and risk management to property development ensuring sound project management and high quality outcomes.

Hovig Melkonian Australian Government Policy Guidance and Advice

Hovig Melkonian is the former Australian Labor Party candidate for the federal seat of Casey and has been actively involved in Australian politics many years. He has the political sensitivity and understanding of both China and Australia to provide guidance and support for the project.

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